About us

Market leader with its flagship product, Easycom, AURA Equipements designs and markets middleware, output management and reporting platforms for more than 4,000 clients worldwide.

The solutions developed by AURA Equipements ensure close collaboration and perfect synergy between the client/server, Internet, or mobile applications running IBM i, Windows, Microsoft Office, Linux, or Unix.

Innovation and simplicity

Since 1986, AURA Equipements is dedicated to developing software systems for developers of applications and documents, whether end users, integrators or vendors with this motto: "Innovation and simplicity" and this permanent objectives:

- High performance execution and access.

- Quick installation, low footprint and resource consumption.

- Comprehensive and easy to use interfaces.

- ROI optimization and reduction of recurring costs.

- Total integration of new technologies.

The reliability of the software designed on these principles, the ease of use and the agreements with the main software actors bring the integration of AURA Equipements solutions to thousands of platforms in the world.

Our customers and partners benefits

Our customers, integrators and partners find with AURA Equipements the solutions for opening their systems and applications to new technologies.

The Windows software editors incorporate for example iSeries market whith efficiency and without heavy financial outlays.

Application vendors enrich their solutions by improving the quality of produced documents and the ergonomy of their applications. AURA Equipements software make easier the implementation of the integrators projects.

Business users benefit from a wider range of systems or applications using the best of both worlds.

Key dates

- June 2007: AURA Equipements solutions are labeled Proven iServer.

- September 2006: Signing of the cooperation agreement with ZEND "The PHP Company". Integration of Easycom for PHP technology for IBM i5/OS. Offer announced by IBM in July 2006, today on IBM catalog.

- Since 1996: MAGIC Software, IBM (Rochester) and AURA Equipements provide to IBMi customers MAGIC 400 server in native mode, within the program "Partners in Development".

- Since 1998 : PC Soft and AURA Equipements associate to interconnect IBMi, Windows and Linux via WinDev, WinDev Mobile and Webdev.

- Since 2002 : ML Software and ABATEQ chose Easycom to meet their needs of Web and Client/Server development.

- Since 1993 : Easycom technology first edition : the middleware on IBM AS/400/IBM/iSeries became quickly a reference.