Launcher XPRESS

Launcher Xpress is a software component allowing developers to integrate document composition functionalities (on Word, Excel, PDF…) directly to their code.

Developing new applications?

Launcher Xpress divides by 10 your developing time and enables better performances and higher applications reliability!

Launcher Xpress handles document composition functionalities of your applications:

- MS Word file composition and automatic distribution
- Enriched mailing composition supporting many different languages
- Many different fonts supported: international, Barcode, QR Code…
- MS Excel reports creation, including data or workbook templates fusion
- Reading of Excel folder
- PDF file composition
- Automated emailing routing including attached files
- FTP exchanges with external servers
- Synchronous communication with third-parties’ applications
- Files archiving and exchanges with document management systems
- Digitalized postal mailing
- Fax and SMS communication enabled

Using Launcher Xpress, you are able automate many repetitive tasks regarding document creation and composition required by your applications. Files and reports can be composed and spread to recipients on demand or in batch mode.

Launcher Xpress Benefits
- Layout optimization of generated files (customization and formatting) and automated multi-channel distribution.
- Easy to set up and deploy using familiar files templates and formats.
- Centralized processing, multichannel distribution, and document filing.
- Heavy cost reduction due to development time savings, repetitive tasks and document distribution automation.