The LAUNCHER/400 solution is dedicated to managing document flows from your IBMi: it allows you to define, design, and manage entire document flow processes.

LAUNCHER/400 formats IBMi data according to custom preferences and appropriately routes the documents created. It adds Windows and Microsoft Office functionality to IBMi programs for end-to-end data processing management.

LAUNCHER/400 sends useful data from IBMi (interactive or batch) to users, Windows applications or shared network directories. Microsoft Office functions are then called sequentially to generate documents in the standard exchange formats: Word, HTML, PDF documents, or Excel files.

The highest level of customization and formatting control is available, allowing, for example, the contents of a cell in Excel or the color of a font to be changed, or a VBA instruction to be executed.

LAUNCHER/400 can also activate, automate, and control Windows applications remotely. The presentation models are developed on Windows and the IBMi automates all of the processes.

IBMi remains in control of background and interactive processes at all times. It schedules data exporting, document generation, activation of Windows applications, and sending email.

LAUNCHER/400 also makes it easier to collect, organize, add graphic enhancements, distribute and disseminate information, especially to electronic document management systems, printers, and business applications.

With LAUNCHER/400 services, you can optimize the value of your IBMi by offering users access to critical information and improving their document flow management. LAUNCHER/400 helps improve supply management, invoicing, purchasing, accounting human resources, and shipping productivity for your business.


The LAUNCHER/400 has many functions including the power to:

- Extract IBMi data and transfer it to Windows users.
- Extract Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase additional data and transfer it to Windows users.
- Call Launcher/400 functions from IBM I, Windows (Java), Unix (Java) and Linux (Java).
- Bidirectionally transfer documents between IFS and shared Windows directories.
- Generate and display Word, PDF, Excel, and HTML documents.
- Launch Windows commands or executables remotely.
- Use standard and advanced Excel functions: create files, insert data, read, change, and calculate values on the fly, name results, etc.
- Use standard and advanced Word and PDF functions: insert watermarks, concatenate, merge, overlay documents, change properties, etc.
- Enhance all document types with images, graphics, control panels, bar codes, overlays, etc.
- Provide extended direct mail and mass printing functions.
- Route outgoing documents via multiple channels.
- Compose and send email via SMTP, Outlook, Lotus Notes, or fax.
- Call functions via programmatic interface or command mode.
- Schedule processes and archive processed documents.


- Compatibility: OS/400 V4R5 and higher, Windows XP to 7, 32 and 64 bits.
- Email: Lotus Notes, Outlook, SMTP.
- Databases: Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase.
- Compatible with Windows TSE and CITRIX.
- ASCII and Unicode support.
- Fax Virtual Printers.
- Microsoft Office Compatibility: Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and higher.
- IBMi program interface: CL, RPG, COBOL.
- Windows/Linux/Unix program interface: Java.


- Modernization of document presentation and distribution channels.
- Easy installation and customization using familiar formats.
- Centralized processing, multichannel distribution, and document filing.
- Reduction of costs, repetitive tasks, and printing due to process automation and document distribution.
- Data security, confidentiality, and compliance.