Our solutions:

  • Development tools and environments:

Development productivity

AURA Equipements development tools and environments, acclaimed by tens of thousands of users, ensure the eficient use of your IBMi ressources without being an IBMi expert. These tools are provided in most of the programming languages: C, C++, .Net, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, Magic, WinDev, Delphi, C++ Builder, Cobol, PowerBuilder and offer ways (...) Read more »

Document & report management

AURA Equipements solutions for Document & Report Management, acclaimed by hundreds of companies, are dedicated to the flow management of the business information from IBMi. They allow you to define, design and manage comprehensive processes for your data and documents management. Specifically, you can, from data extracted and filtered (...) Read more »

Database & program connectivity

Systems, applications and users commonly rely on information distributed in heterogeneous DBMS. AURA Equipements solutions for Database & Program Connectivity address the need for interoperability between these databases as well as data updating and reliability without the need for replication or synchronization: iStorage for MySQL is (...) Read more »