AURA Equipements provides a comprehensive range of products dedicated to IBMi for:

- The development, integration and deployment of Windows, Linux and mobile applications.

- The generation, editing and multichannel routing of documents and reports from IBMi sources.


EASYCOM is the middleware which provides native access to IBMi data and programs. With its excellent performance and strict compliance with IBMi security regulations, this technology facilitates development of Internet, mobile and client/server applications in Windows, Linux, and IBMi. EASYCOM’s quick and compact installation is (...) Read more »

Launcher XPRESS

Launcher Xpress is a software component allowing developers to integrate document composition functionalities (on Word, Excel, PDF…) directly to their code. Developing new applications? Launcher Xpress divides by 10 your developing time and enables better performances and higher applications reliability! Launcher Xpress handles document (...) Read more »


The LAUNCHER/400 solution is dedicated to managing document flows from your IBMi: it allows you to define, design, and manage entire document flow processes. LAUNCHER/400 formats IBMi data according to custom preferences and appropriately routes the documents created. It adds Windows and Microsoft Office functionality to IBMi programs for (...) Read more »

SQL iPlug

SQL iPlug provides System i applications real-time access to heterogeneous and external databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Sybase, Progress) in a completely transparent manner and without requiring replication. SQL iPlug facilitates access to tables and procedures through quick and easy Read, Insert, Update, Delete, and Call (...) Read more »