Introduction to Easycom For PHP


Easycom For PHP is the foundation of the original PHP Toolkit for IBM i, embedded in Zend Core and Zend Server for IBM i.


New !

·   XML Easycom is a new way to call native IBM i – AS/400 Programs and Procedures.
See Introduction to Easycom API functions

·   Single Sign On is now supported on Connections.

·   I5_SAME_JOB special keyword on i5_pconnect allows to execute database and program access within the PHP job itself. No additional job is created on the system for the connection.


Easycom For PHP allows user to get to IBM i - AS400 data and programs from PHP applications.
It features a set of functions giving access to databases and IBM i resources in native and SQL mode.
t enables programs and ILE procedures calling (RPG, COBOL, CL, ...).
PHP applications can access all the OS/400 objects: Data areas, data queues, spools, …


The entire i5 Toolkit.embeded in Zend Server and Zend Core for IBM I, is Easycom For PHP. It is the only component in PHP for IBM i dedicated to IBM i.

Since 2006, IBM is using and promoting Easycom for PHP as the tool to access IBM i objects.


The i5 Toolkit (Easycom for PHP) is available for Windows and Linux PHP servers.

Contact Aura Equipments for details.


Easycom For PHP is based on Easycom technology from AURA Equipments. It is an add-in, dynamically loaded by PHP; It doesn’t need any compilation.

It is available for Windows, Linux and IBM i. It allows to develop WEB applications on all Web servers supporting PHP 5th version and higher.


With Easycom For PHP , you get a set of API functions.
The first function your application has to call, is
i5_connect(), i5_pconnect(), or i5_private_connect().



AURA Equipments provides a large range of connectors to AS/400 – IBM I, for various languages and developments tools:

-      .Net,

-      Delphi,

-      Java,

-      WinDev,

-      WebDev,

-      Basic C / C++,