Our partners

Our technology partners and integrators:

  • IBM ranks as the preferred partner of companies that have made innovation their creed, helping them to differentiate themselves in a sustainable manner in a highly competitive environment. IBM makes available the range of the most complete resources - skills, systems, software, services, financing, technology - and to help them to become innovation companies. Aura Equipements has the "IBM Advanced Business Partner" qualification.

  • SAP provides enterprise software applications and support to businesses of all sizes globally. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with regional offices across the globe, SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world. The company’s best known products are SAP ERP and SAP BusinessObjects software. As a SAP technology and solutions partner, AURA Equipements provides lightweight, easy to deploy integration solutions that are 100% certified by SAP.

  • PC Soft is a company specialized in the design of high-tech software: professional development environments for Internet, Intranet, Windows, Linux, Unix and mobile platforms. With the integration of Easycom technology to WinDev, WinDev Mobile and Webdev, PC Soft and Aura Equipements maintain a privileged and longstanding partnership.

  • The K2 software platform is for delivering process-driven applications that improve business efficiency. Visual tools make it easy for anyone to assemble reusable objects into applications that use workflow and line-of-business information. K2-based solutions are deployed by a growing number of the global Fortune 100. K2 is a division of SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. based in Redmond, Washington, and has offices all over the world. K2 and AURA Equipements work actively on the integration of document management solutions and IBMi/AS400 interconnection and with K2 Blackpearl software.

  • MAGIC Software is a major international Independent Software Vendor (ISV), offering an Application Development platform, Magic xpa and a Business Applications Integration Framework, Magic xpi. Magic xpa addresses both SME’s and large companies IT challenges with a unique development concept, without coding, to develop once and to deploy across all popular servers and devices, on Premise, on Cloud or on Mobiles. Magic xpi enables orchestration of business processes and/or data synchronization between key CRM, SCM, ERP, HRMS… Business Applications like Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, Oracle-JDE or even with your own local applications. The Magic technological software concept really helps enterprises to develop, deploy and integrate efficiently its Business Applications with their IT. With 30 years of experience in Software IT market, thousands of customers and a worldwide partners network, distributors, integrators and analysts recognize the successful enterprise strategy from Magic Software. With a presence in more than 50 countries, Magic Software has developed key partnerships with the major players of the Business Applications and International Software market.

  • USERCUBE publishes a business software solution for the workforce flows, their resources allocations and access controls. Usercube allows an employee to be operational upon his arrival and all his accesses to be closed upon his departure. In real time, Usercube knows who owns what hardware computer and what access. This is done through a web interface, easy to use by everyone, who serves as one-stop shop for all the change requests.

  • Founded in 1997 by Owner Chris Hird Shield has a reputation for developing leading-edge software and specializing in the IBM i. With a history of more than 20 years experience Shield has delivered products and services for the IBM i and all of its predecessors including AS/400, iSeries, Systemi and i5.

  • ARMSTRONG Solutions is the French leader company for rapid development projects based on WinDev, WinDev Mobile and Webdev. In partnership with PC SOFT, Armstrong Solutions carries out the development projects, from specifications to final acceptance. ARMSTRONG Solutions is an integrator partner of AURA Equipements solutions.

  • ML Software is a major player in the market for computer software development and related services. The ML Software range of solutions enables the simple, fast and powerful development of complex applications in a modern environment. ML Software solutions allow IBMi applications modernizing and enhances their performance with new features in the native environment.