Document & report management

AURA Equipements solutions for Document & Report Management, acclaimed by hundreds of companies, are dedicated to the flow management of the business information from IBMi.

They allow you to define, design and manage comprehensive processes for your data and documents management.

Specifically, you can, from data extracted and filtered automatically and safely from your SAP ERP, database and IBMi:

  • Generate rich reports and documents in standard formats and easily handled by your users.
  • Distribute them to your employees, customers, partners and/or vendors through your email infrastructure, BPM or printers.
  • Manage and control all these processes for large volumes of information, document and recipients with the highest performances.

In the context of your document management project, AURA Equipements solutions bring you these benefits:

  • Cost, repetitive tasks and impressions reduction.
  • Updating of the documents presentation and optimization of the distribution channels.
  • Centralized processing, sending and archiving of your documents.

Discover AURA Equipements Document & Report Management solutions with Launcher/i and Launcher/400.